How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Live Healthier

Essentially, intermittent fasting is one of the simple approaches to keeping proper weight by taking off a dangerous weight since it requires little change in behavior (Cho, 163). Understanding the difference between fasted state and fed state is essential to understanding how fasting is beneficial in the loss of body fat. A person’s body is in a fed state when absorption and digestion of food are taking place. The fed state begins when a person starts eating and ends after three or five hours as the body absorbs and continues to digest food. The post-absorptive state lasts until eight to twelve hours after the last meal was taken, and the person enters the fasted state. The insulin levels are usually low in the fasted state and therefore allowing the body to burn fat. During the fasted state period, the body can burn fats that were inaccessible during the previously fed state. (Collier, 362) said, It is rare that people’s bodies are in the fasted state since that state is only achieved twelve hours after the last meal was taken. I support his argument since, the people who begin intermittent fasting, lose fat without changing how much they eat, what they eat and how often they exercise. A typical eating schedule may not give the body enough time to burn fats, unlike the fasting period that is essential for the fat-burning state. For intermittent fasting to work, individuals must adhere to the fasting regimen selected. Beginners have found it challenging to utilize intermittent fasting as a way of losing weight because they fail to be serious with the regimen. Research indicates that those people who take less food live longer and are healthier than those who take a lot of food (Collier, 322). It is indeed true that intermittent fasting allows people to reap the advantages of fasting without letting them feel deprived or weak. Intermitted fasting is for individuals who want to live longer and healthy as well as overweight and obese individuals. The approach hasa lot of benefits to those who subscribe to it.