How Organizations Use Professional Athletes As Figure Heads To Help Promote Their Product

By looking at different spots, athletes, and sponsors, ways in which companies utilize professional athletes as brand ambassadors are explored. Some of the sports that are looked at include auto racing, football, swimming, basketball, and track and field.The world of auto racing is one of the sports that has attracted the attention of many companies. The world-renowned Formula One is one of the greatest events that people around the globe look forward to each year. This huge scope of the audience has made companies look at pursuing sponsorships in order to promote the product or the brand.In Formula One, car companies sponsor the engines of the competing teams, which becomes the carrying name of the teams. This is one of the ways organizations sponsor professional athlete to carry on their brand or product. For example, one of the engine sponsors is Ferrari. When the team Brawn GP in March this year has its engine sponsor, Honda backed out (Kemp 2009), it has to find another engine sponsor whose brand name it will carry as its team name. Brawn GP has then signed with Mercedes-Benz, and the team’s name becomes Brawn-Mercedes.Apart from the car engine, the teams receive sponsorship in other kinds, such as clothing. As for Brawn GP, the team has made an agreement with Henry Lloyd to sponsor their clothing (Kemp 2009). The team will carry the Henry Lloyd brand while they are on the race, and out of the race when they appear before the media. Gears that teams will use in such sports are the usual way a company uses in order to sponsor a professional athlete.Lastly, companies that cannot provide gears or other things that can be used by athletes to showcase during the event itself can still have the professional athletes as their ambassadors. This is done by providing these athletes with a contract, a paycheck with a figure that somehow hires the athlete as the company’s brand ambassadors. Cash sponsorship is one that athletes look forward to as it is similar to a steady salary.