How the Illinois Institute of Technology Prepares Students to Be a Positive Contributor to The World

Illinois Institute of Technology Essay *Written Response &nbsp.Please take a moment and tell the Admission Committee how you think IIT will prepare you tobe a positive contributor to the world. This is your opportunity to share your goals and how you see IIT helping you achieve them. 536 words
Instruction: (word requirement: 600 world limit)
From an early age, my family impressed on me the importance of finance. My uncles both worked in the finance sector: one as a professor, the other for a securities company. Ever since I was a child, both men have taken great trouble to explain to me the importance of finance in every day life. Deeply interested, I further strengthened my determination to pursue a career in this field when I witnessed how the numerous financial elites in Shanghai have contributed to the prosperity of the city and turned the city into the financial capital of China.
Aiming to grow into a financial expert who can make a big contribution to the field, I have followed the guidance of my uncles. First of all, I have paid a lot of attention to mathematics, as it is the essential tool for financial analysis. Establishing good analytical and critical thinking capability from practicing mathematics, I have further acquired understanding in finance by watching financial programs and reading financial journals. Being familiar with diverse industries and accumulating basic skills of analyzing corporate financial reports, I have gone on to gain hands-on experience of finance by managing a stock account, which was offered to me by my father as a birthday gift. Collecting information in a timely way and making predictions accurately, I have successfully earned money. Although the total sum of money is trivial, the experience and confidence I have achieved have reinforced my determination of pursuing my career in finance.
In the process of achieving my goals, I have completed an internship in the financial department of Shanghai’s BaoAn Hotel. From this work experience, I have gained a definitive understanding of the financial operating system of a company and started accumulating knowledge in corporate management accounting.
Although I feel I have learned a lot so far, I am fully aware that in order to become a financial expert, I still need to expand my perspective and acquire further knowledge in my undergraduate education. Therefore, I wish to study in the U.S., the leading country in the world for financial services. Despite the recent financial disaster, I am sure that the U.S. will survive and thrive as it has always done in the past. By studying in the U.S., I will learn how Americans conquer their challenges, and I will be able to bring the best problem-solving capabilities and persistence back to China.
IIT appeals to me vividly because of its world-renowned reputation, highly diversified atmosphere, and its interdisciplinary approach to education. On entering IIT, I would take a wide range of courses, including Economics of the Firm, Business Mathematics, Managerial Accounting, etc. to build a well-rounded understanding of finance. With this accumulated knowledge, I would like to join the Center for Strategic Competitiveness (CSC) and gain insight into corporate strategy-making and the managerial process. Moreover, I would use IIT’s robust network to get internships during vacations, which would give me hands-on experience and practical knowledge in the financial sector. I am also eager to give back to the community in other ways too—for example, by sharing my trombone-playing skills and speed skating tips with my fellow students. I am sure that an education at IIT would be of life-long benefit to me.