How to attract women customers and target market in beverage operation

Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Key Considerations when locating a business 3 Distance 3 Space 4Proximity to other businesses 4 Reputation of neighborhood businesses 4Layout and Design of a business 5Neatness 5Easy of movement 5Safety 5Conclusion 5Work Cited 6 Women customers and the hypothetical beverage operations IntroductionIn any business milieu, the target market is a fundamental aspect as far as the goal of achieving the business prospects is concerned. Thus, the age, gender and or income earned by the potential clients to a business cannot be undervalued in determining the probability of success or failure of any business. Additionally, an excellent location, general outlook of a business and the suitability of element design in performing the task of attraction of customers to purchase products are as well issues, of equivalent significance. Thus, the core mandate of this paper is to explore the aspect of women customers in association with the aforementioned criteria, with close reference to beverage business operations. Detailed examinations of the three determinants of establishing a beverage business operation targeting women customers are hereby discussed.As a point of departure, the location of a beverage site concerning female customers can be approached via a different dimension since the tastes and preferences for females are dissimilar with those of male customers. Consequently, distance, space, proximity to other businesses and reputation of the business itself are among the key considerations in this regard (Jorge and Lópe, 64).Key Considerations when locating a business DistanceThe place to serve as a location to the beverage operation should consider the customers’ accessibility. The business should therefore located in such a manner that the customers can walk or drive for short distances to access whatever they are in need of as this will facilitate efficiency, avoid too much time consumption on the side of the target market, as well as reduce the costs incurred in travelling all the way to the facility. Thus, this will ensure that the whole exercise will be bearable and cost effective to all (Jorge and Lópe, 64). SpaceFemale customers are by nature adventurous. Thus, any effort to locate a business of this caliber entails an in-depth understanding of the site. For instance, if the customers are to drive to the facility, a parking space and a perfect cool atmosphere for relaxation should be guaranteed (Theodore, 32). Proximity to other businessesThe beverage supplying business should as well ensure that the location is an isolated picturesque but rather a place in which other products are retailing because women customer are a sort of people who cannot move from one place to another to look for a single product at a time. They always prefer a one-stop shop, thus the need to be in proximate distance from other preferable women goodies, is something inevitable for any entrepreneur who dreams to run a successful beverage firm (Theodore, 36). Reputation of neighborhood businessesThe site of the business should in addition, incorporate the excellent standing of other businesses nearby that deal in a similar category of goods. I.e. The businesses should offer women products. If such businesses have a superb reputation, then the ultimate goal of entrepreneurs who is targeting women customers on the other side of beverages stands a good chance of attaining the anticipated success. In addition, the layout and design of a business are two aspects of a business that are always studied in conjunction with one another (Theodore, 36).Layout and Design of a business Neatness The most fundamental aspect of layout and design should always adhere to cleanliness since it is always attributed to women. Since the beverage, business deals with foodstuffs, then the cleaner the place the more the customers are likely to visit the facility, as the two are directly proportional to each other (Jorge and Lópe, 64)Easy of movementThe design and outlook of the beverage facility should as well ensure smooth movement of people within it. This is meant to ensure that the customers are secure and equally comfortable which a key requirement for females (Jorge and Lópe, 69).Safety The beverage facility, at the top of its goals, should as well look and address the issue of safety for customers. Female customers are ones that like a peaceful atmosphere with little or no mishaps whatsoever.Conclusion For an anticipating entrepreneur to accomplish his/her mission of tapping the great potential of women customers regarding the topic under investigation the above criterion ought to be met at all costs.Work CitedLevitt, Theodore. Marketing Myopia. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business Press, 2008. Print.Olson, Jorge S, and Carlos López. Build Your Beverage Empire: Develop, Market and Sell Your Beverages. S.l.: Cube17, Inc, 2009. Print.