How to bee agood leader

My research has shown me that task oriented skills as well as communication and interpersonal skills are very much necessary for effective team leadership. Similarly, facilitating the group processes is a significant role of the team leader and timely execution of the task necessitates proper planning, organization, coordination, decision making and problem solving skills, motivation, and sharing of roles from the part of the team leader. Besides, as a team leader I should be a good listener and communicator. I need to communicate my visions to the team members while listening to their valuable suggestions. As my major is in electrical engineering I would prefer to assume a team leader position in electrical engineering. I am aware that electrical engineering involves a lot of technical skills and that collaborative team work is very much essential while undertaking complex projects.
Being a team leader is quite challenging as it offers one a unique opportunity to exercise one’s leadership qualities, communication, interpersonal and persuasive skills. For me, it is like a dream come true as I have always yearned to assume a leadership role where I can unleash my potentials. An effective team leader, in my opinion, understands the potentialities and competencies of his team members and inspires them to achieve the organizational goal. The team is most likely to benefit from my leadership as I am aware of the team processes and will make all possible efforts to expand the team capabilities through collaborative team work.
Promotion as the workplace team leader has, in fact, increased my responsibilities and roles within the organization and this has prompted me to have greater understanding of the essential qualities of an effective team leader. Bachiochi et al, while reviewing the literature on team leadership, point out a number of qualities required of a successful team