How to Conduct Employee Evaluations

Research findings have shown that employee performance evaluations also depend on the development and organizational improvement of the company. By conducting this evaluation, employees can be instructed on how to provide better work. The evaluation can also help to provide the employee with personal development and organizational goals. The possibilities of an increase in salary, a promotion, and good recognition can also result from employee evaluations.
This report concludes that not only do employee performance evaluations help to improve employee work, but can also aid a company in improving its business. Goals, whether long-term or short-term, cannot be met without regular evaluations.
Recommendations discussed within the report include: increased productivity, making retainable and realistic goals, improving business relations, and helping various industries to narrow down on areas within their business that need improvement.
This final paper is based on the extended research report that I have been conducting, providing an up-to-date status on employee performance evaluations based on the subject of human resources in the field of business. To completely understand the challenges that people face with human resource issues, I have opted to research and address the importance of the employee performance evaluation. I began researching this topic on June 10, 2010, and have been steadily adding on to it until it was completed.
Employee performance evaluation has been an interesting topic to research and write about. When employers undergo performance evaluations for their employees, they are providing their workers with either praise or criticism, letting them know of the good they are doing and if anything needs to be changed.