How to Encourage Readers

It gives the pictorial presentation of the product in pages one and two with the consecutive pages dealing with other parts effectively. The article develops the product specification by giving a general overview then narrowing down to the various parts with absolute precision. Areas that may have different components are highlighted to ensure variation in the product based on color and other features are captured in the technical document.
In addition, the illustration and specification of integral parts are highlighted by separating the different parts and addressing the issues of the parts independently. The article offers complete information about the product without venturing in excess information. However, the major challenge with the document is on creativity and appeal. The document is not appealing enough especially when searching for basic information about the product. The appeal of the document can be improved by addressing the issues of layout and color usage in the document. The current document is black and white. The use of color will improve its appeal and encourage readers to access it. In conclusion, the document is good but needs minor improvement in issues on appeal.