How to Increase the Sales of the Brand

Daddies’ sauce has been one of the coveted brands in the category and entered the market in 1904. The taste of Daddy’s favorite sauce put it into the top league and it has been a successful brand in the 20th century. However, during the later part of the 20th and the earlier part of the 21st century, the sales of the brand have been declining.&nbsp.

The families in the UK so much have liked the brown sauce category that it has become one of the staple diets. The meal of the families is not complete without the sauce. As the sauce can be eaten with virtually all food products it has become popular. Therefore, the customer base is huge. The brown sauce segment is influenced by the taste of the product rather than the price. The price of the brown sauce products in the market is reasonable. The bottles come in various sizes and the price of the bottles depends on the volume of the products. (Brown sauce, n.d.)

HP has dominated the brown sauce segment since its arrival in the scene. Daddies’ being one of the coveted brands of HP has been performing well since its inception. After the acquisition of Daddies by Heinz, it became connected with the global sauce giant. In the brown sauce segment, the main competitor of Daddies is HP. In the overall sauce category, Daddies trail Heinz Ketchup and Colman’s Mustard. The fact that it comes from the same stable as that of the Heinz ketchup and HP leaves the brand in a dilemma. The company has been promoting the other brands but in the case of the Daddies, the promotional strategies have been surprisingly under the water. (Daddies Favourite,16th April 2008)Since the inception of the brown sauce category, HP has been one of the leaders in the market. The Daddies being one of the most important brands of HP has received the same amount of promotional and marketing activities from the company.