How to Regain and Retain Your Health by Tony Akineymi

Akineymi intelligently shares insights on how one can regain their health by applying the right eating patterns. In spite of the health complications facing human beings, the author provides a framework that a person can embrace when working towards regaining their health. Essentially, it is important to appreciate the fact that some of the complications that arise due to the food we eat occur because we do not have the right information regarding the foods we eat. As such, the author focuses on the foods as well as the aspect of choice and its overall impact on our overall health.
Asamoah, Elizabeth Hagan. You Are What You Eat: The Power of Words and Images. New York: AuthorHouse, 2014. Print.
The author captures the potency of words when it comes to the diets we eat. As such, the author reiterates the role and impact of our feeding patterns especially concerning our overall health. The author shares important factors such as self-esteem, the importance of emotional awareness, the value of morality and the general perspectives aligned to what we eat. The reader gets a clear understanding of the importance of investing in knowledge and information especially when it comes to the individual choice of food. In the end, Asamoah shares some valuable insights on how one can benefit from an array of foods depending on their psychological orientations.
Barrows, Brady. The Diet: The Diet to Lose Weight and Feel Healthy! 30 Days to a New Diet LifeStyle Vegetarian and Omnivore Friendly. London: iUniverse, 2003. Print.
Barrows shares on how a diet works within a specified timeframe. However, it requires an individual to take deliberate and informed steps when it comes to the choice. The type and nature of the effects that you will experience during this process depend on several factors. The author captures some of the factors that influence or determine whether you will be successful or not. In a compelling and captivating fashion, the author shares factors to consider when choosing the right diet. The main theme of this book is on the individual freedom when choosing a diet.
Minich, Deanna M. Chakra Foods for Optimum Health: A Guide to the Foods That Can Improve Your Energy, Inspire Creative Changes, Open Your Heart, and Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit. London: Conari Press, 2009. Print.
The author provides a series of facts that back your responsibility when it comes to the food that you eat. Throughout the book, the author shares vital information on how you can recover from a series of conditions depending on the food that you eat. The book blends spiritual aspects with healing properties within particular foods. As such, a reader is empowered concerning the content of the book.