How To Resolve Conflict

They also have to put definite patterns that should be avoided – such as blaming, interrupting, crying out etc.
2. Ability to listen to the opinion of others is one of the most important features necessary to provide for effective communication. Persons need to listen to each other’s opinion and take it into consideration. It is necessary to pay attention to the interests and wishes of other people.
3. Finding a common ground may be also useful for communication. Shared interests often help people better understand each other. It would be helpful if the people set definite issues and facts that they agree upon and these issues are to serve as the basis for future agreements.
4. One of the most effective mechanisms of solving the problems may be brainstorming. United efforts often help people find mutual understanding even if they have contradictory opinions. When a group of people works together upon solution of the problem, it allows finding the solution that would be profitable for all the members of the group.
5. Delivering discussions of individual opinion concerning solutions that were worked out by the group. It is necessary to exchange opinions and try to find a compromise that would be approved by everyone.
6. Coming to an agreement. …
McShane and Von Glinow in their Organizational Behavior give the following scheme of conflict management:
1. Emphasize superordinate goals.
2. Reduce differentiation.
3. Improve communication/Understanding
4. Reduce task interdependence
5. Increase resources
6. Clarify rules and procedures (p. 229)
There are the authors that give effective solutions of how to resolve conflicts without violence and abuse. These methods are designed as to engage the opposite side into combined activity, which is to lead to forging the decision that would be satisfying for both sides that are opposite to each other. There are special programs that are helpful in resolving conflicts with colleagues at work. These programs are of a great importance in psychological trainings of the employers, as mutual understanding and tolerance directly influence the working process and performance. It is necessary that the employers are aware of strategies that would be helpful in competitive environment, as it would provide for their emotional security and stability, and be helpful in working performance.
David Hardcastle, a professor in social sciences that works over the solutions in resolving conflicts, says: "Co-workers who grate on each other’s nerves don’t clash with everyone at the office, just those they’re most like. Those who quarrel may actually have very similar personalities". (qtd in Glicken) He made a questioner to examine why the conflicts at the office occur and interrogate the employers that were involved into the conflict cases at work. According to the results of his poll, the employers having these problems were very much alike, which helped in pointing out the features that may produce conflict and finding effective solutions of how to resolve conflict