Realizing that being in dorm rooms with 3 other girls was not always conducive to good study habits or quiet time; my college had placed study areas all over the university grounds. There where study carols in the library, tables in the commons, a study hall in the union and private rooms in the dorms. I could always tell where a study area was, because it was always empty. People simply don’t know how to study. However, for success in pursuing your college degree finding the best method of study is going to be a life-saver.

How to StudyIf you really do live in a dorm with other loud people, you may want to take advantage of your college’s study areas. If not, the best way to study is devising your own study area. Get a desk with space to write (your computer desk will be fine as long as it has space for books too) and keep a jar of pens, highlighters and other necessities. Once your mind connects that place as a study place it will help you get in the mindset to study. Concentration is the key to effective study time. Efficiency experts have said that every time your concentration is broken it can take up to 8 minutes of time to get refocused. So turn off the TV, and don’t study in an area where people will talk to you intermittently.

Many people cannot study in silence because our culture simply isn’t used to quiet anymore. The best thing to do is play music, particularly classical music, in the background. It becomes a kind of “white noise” which blocks out distractions and gives you the ability to think more clearly. Have a goal in mind for what you want to accomplish in the session and set a milestone. If your goal is to read two chapters, don’t get until you have done so. If you are working on a paper, don’t leave until you have 3 pages written. Decide for yourself a reasonable goal and stick to it.

Every person is unique and has unique study habits. Find the method that works best for you, and stick with it and your college degree will be done before you know it.

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