HR Management Industrial Relations and Personal Management



This research will begin with the statement that for many years, organizations have always emphasized on human resources for the achievement of&nbsp.specific&nbsp.goals. The human being had and still being treated as significant resources that contribute immensely to the objectives of an organization. Many of us have seen organizations with the variety of workers/employees. Such employees are from a different background, with different qualifications, outlook, and understanding. As such, there is a need to emphasize on the development of employees or human resources if the business wants to achieve better in the future. Businesses can make it better and progress by creative efforts and abilities of their human resources. Many businesses have a variety of functional areas. Some include production management, financial management, marketing management and human resources management. Our focus is on human resource HR or human resources management HRM. As mentioned above, human resource is essential to organizations. As such, human resources management in an organization has a number of functions in relation to human resources. They acquire human resources, develop and maintain it. In a simple explanation, HRM does staff recruitment, retention, and development of the human resource. Industrial relations, personnel management, and HRM all simply represent the activity of managing people. They may have different methods but at the core are focused on the same principle of managing people which have developed throughout the years in order to help the workforce.