Human and Animal Interrelationships from Domestication to Present

Aunt Marge, the sister of Vernon Dursley visited the family with her pet Ripper, which is a dog. A warm relationship was shown between the Ripper and Aunt Marge (Rowling 16-30). This chapter comprehends that dogs are used as pets from medieval times. The interrelationship developed amid Aunt Marge and Ripper was very deep as Ripper use to obey order of Aunt Marge and protect her from any odd situation, which was depicted when dog hold on to the legs of the Aunt flying in the sky like a balloon after being spelled by Harry. The third chapter revealed that Harry Potter was missing Hedwig in order to contact his friends Ron and Hermione. Harry Potter boarded the Knight bus and that dropped him at Daigon Alley. Harry Potter met with Hedwig and was very happy (Rowling 31-48). It is determined that Harry Potter was pleased to find Hedwig and shared his feelings with Hedwig signifying friendly attittude. In the fourth chapter, Harry Potter met with his friends Ron and Hermione. There are two animals which include a cat and a rat named Crookshanks and Scabbers respectively. Crookshanks was the pet of Hermoione and Scabbers was the pet of Ron (Rowling 49-68). It is identified from this chapter that interrelationship is recognized amid human and animal, where animals are kept as favorite pets. The fifth chapter reveals the train journey of Harry, Ron and Hermione in Hogwarts Express. The chapter signifies the different incidents that took place in their journey to Hogwarts and their interaction with Dementor (Rowling 69-95). In this chapter, the love Harry, Ron and Hermione have for Hedwig, Scabbers and Crookshanks as their pets is identified. The sixth chapter signifies first day to school after summer vacation, when Harry, Ron and Hermione met with Hagrid,… It can be comprehended from the summary of the chapters in the book that there are several animals that have been identified within the story playing important roles in the life of humans. These animals are depicted both in a positive and negative way carrying a significant importance in the story. The animals have played different role enduring companionship, friendship, and enemy. The story emphasizes that humans and animals have the positive interrelationship with others. These animals are mostly used as pets by humans. The animals have also become a symbol of companionship in human life. The relationship amid humans and animals in this chapter is important in order to have complete information about the story. The negative along with the positive effects has been depicted within this chapter. The twentieth chapter reveals about the secret of Professor Lupin being a werewolf. This chapter further signifies about the danger posed by the werewolf, it was ready to kill anyone coming within its way, which depicts the negative aspect of the animal’s interface with humans.