Human Cancers



The paper describes different types of cancer by human beings. There is one experience which consists of reading about a disease, and another to see the cadavers on display with the vivid details of their disease made transparent to the world as in “BODIES…The Exhibition.” Even the most detailed photos in medical textbooks fail to carry the full impact of disease that the cadavers at “BODIES…The Exhibition” communicate to the crowd. As the majority of the viewers of this display appear to be students and not medical professionals, the information presented and graphic detail of disease offers a preventative message for lifestyle choices that can assist in the national development of anti-cancer initiatives. For this reason, The American Cancer Society, Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer awareness groups have all joined together with “BODIES…The Exhibition” to use the facilities of the displays in alignment with their anti-cancer messages. Whereas lung cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer are related in some ways to lifestyle choices, there is not always even in these instances a direct relationship between personal mistakes or individual faults and the onset of disease. Rather, deep genetic issues, environmental exposures, immunity, cell regeneration, and old age all combine in ways that continue to elude scientific research to find a cure in the causation of cancer. One effect of the “BODIES…The Exhibition” display should be to encourage participants or viewers to increase their resolve to find a cure for cancer.