Human Resource Management of Microsoft

Terry &amp. Franklin (1994) define management as ‘a distinct process consisting of activities of planning, organising, actuating and controlling performed to determine and accomplish stated objectives with the use of human beings and other resources’. In this study, we’ll analyse the manner in which Microsoft, leader in providing software solutions, has been taking care of the needs of the different sets of employees. For the purpose of this study, we’ve selected Marketing and Technical, the two very crucial departments in today’s context. During the study an effort would be made to figure out different types of needs of the employees in these two departments and how the management tries to fulfil those needs.
Microsoft is a kind of brand which is known and available in almost all parts of the world serving millions of customers around the globe. The company says that1, "We’re able to do great things in part because our incredible team is a diverse one". Well, the globalization regime knows no geographical boundaries and what matters is economic exchange and business ventures. That is exactly what Microsoft appears to have tapped in the global market while trying to take advantage of the ‘strengths of diversity’. The stated diversity values at Microsoft are:
In order to serve diffe…
In order to serve different market segments, the company broadly divided its workforce in eight regions namely. United States. Asia Pacific. Canada. Europe, Middle East &amp. Africa. Greater China Region. India. Japan and Latin America. This helps the company in planning the job profiles on the basis of prevailing market conditions. The fact that company has carved out separate regions for China and India is an indication towards the potential these regions hold.
Microsoft being an international brand and having operations almost all corners of the world, with the help of its own offices in more than 100 countries around the world, besides having strategic arrangements with others. The company is therefore almost perpetually in need of new people with newer ideas to move ahead towards achieving the competitive targets for the company. In order to assess the needs of new workforce, the company prepares and keeps on regularly updating.
i. The marketing strategies and sales targets planned for the year/ region. Microsoft prefers to have ambitious targets and with the levels of competition increasing and margins shrinking, efficiency and effectiveness are the key consideration in planning the requirement of personnel.
ii. The employees’ turnover ratio also plays a crucial role in such requirement. In fact the employee’s turnover ratio depends upon the effectiveness of the HR management strategies and motivators being worked out. Microsoft considers its workforce a source of strength for the company and provides opportunities to the workforce for improving their skills, knowledge and capabilities by way of imparting sufficient training and development opportunities2. Company believes that the