Human Resource Management (report writing)

It has been in operation for about eight years now and has dominated the sector since its formation until presently new and more competitive companies are coming on the scene. The main business they do is to take over the transport section of large companies on the contract basis. Their main duty is to ensure employees of these companies are transported to and from their workplaces everyday. They have a large number of buses they use in performing this task.
When it comes to recruitment of workers the first step the company take is to first advertise the vacancy (ies) on the media and give a period of time for interested applicants to apply for whatever position they want to occupy. Qualified applicants are then invited for interviewing. The result of the interview determines whether or not the applicant has a better chance of been employed. After the interview the officials, Officials in charge sit down and analyze each individual and potentials so as to be able to select the best among them to occupy whatever vacancy they apply for. The basis they use in determining whether or not someone is qualified for the job, depends on the position the person applied for. In a transport company such as this, the main group of employees would be the drivers responsible for driving the vehicles, engineers responsible for the maintenance of the vehicles and the administrators including managers.
In recruiting drivers for instance, some of the things they look out for include, genuine driving licenses, certificate of completion of a driving school, Non-taker of any sort of alcoholic substances. There are other qualities also that the drivers are supposed to have which runs through the other two groups, that is the engineers and the administrators. These qualities include hard working, time consciousness and dedicative amongst others.
The people in charge of the interview are able to identify whether or not the applicants have these qualities elaborated above through how the applicants addresses questions thrown to them. Those applying to work in the engineering department are also expected to have at least a higher national diploma in engineering or higher depending on the position the applicant is applying for. They are also to have a minimum working experience of two to three years in their field. How applicants to this criterion are also expected to posses the above-mentioned general qualities. Applicants for positions in the administrative section are also expected to posses certain potentials in addition to the general ones every worker is expected to have. These potentials also vary depending on the section of administrative work the applicant want to serve in. It could be finance, Human resource management amongst others. But one has to have at least a higher national diploma in whatever section of administration the applicant wants to serve. For the applicants in the engineering and administrative sections, the interviewing stage serves as the selection stage also, where qualified are fully employed afterwards.
In the case of the drivers the process is quite different. They are recruited