Human resources Recruitment

12). She pointed out that there are three recruitment stages. These stages include the efforts by the organization to extend to the applicant populace to influence a little segment of them to become applicants. Another phase includes the efforts of the company to convince applicants to continue to be engrossed in the organization and to carry on following the job opportunity in anticipation of the organization determining whether to propose to them a position. Another phase is the attempts to influence people to accept job offers. Barber (1998) characterizes these phases as producing applicants, sustaining applicant standing, and controlling job preference. This study will examine what kind of competence does Norrona as a company searching for their new employees. The study will also explore the challenges in meeting the standards and qualifications of each position in the company. The second part of the study will evaluate the challenges of the demands of the candidate’s competence in Norrona.
Norrona is a small-medium business that was started by the managers grandfather in 1947. The company distributes catering equipment (range includes, cutlery, china, glassware, tableware, bar products, utensils, fryers, ranges, burners, grills, fridges, ware washing, furniture. At present, they are one of the largest company in Norways, their head office is in Stavenger also have other branches in Oslo, Kristiansand, Harstad and Bodo.
The HR concept defined earlier will be related to various HR alternate approaches. One of these approaches is the recruitment and selection of the employees. These approaches are two important human resource activities and typically the first steps done in hiring employees. Usually, the initial operations of an organization are made of informal recruitment and selection processes. However, as the organization becomes more mature, the need for a well-established human resource practice becomes realized. This is where the concept of HRP becomes integrated. Through the HRP, formal recruitment and selection processes have been established and practiced. with this integration, organization are able to attract more suitable applicants for specific jobs.

According to Cummings (2001), the introduction of more formal human resource recruitment and selection practices resulted to a more extensive use of private and government employment agencies, referrals as well as newspaper advertisements for offering job opportunities. This turnout was confirmed by more recent researches (Burnes, 1996). this finding was even correlated to the continuous growth of several organizations. For selection procedures, interview was the most common technique used by organizations. However, so as to screen the applicants more effectively with fewer errors, multiple selection techniques had also been employed. Barbeschi (2002) concluded that in both large and small firms, employees are selected through one on one interviews. In addition to this technique, some organizations even use panel interviews and written examinations in selecting employees.
Since Norrona is one of the biggest companies in Norway, it intends to employ more workers every year. Being one of the companies with the most number of branches, this number is considerably accurate for the operations of