Hypothesis moudle one and two

Hypothesis The study of sociology is basically determined by human interactive behaviour in the society. Independent variableHuman interactive behaviour- human interactive behaviour is measurable as it is determined by various aspects. For instance, the psychological analysis of people: How many people think alike? Response being 0- 60 million+ people. This can be proved by political ideology and economic diversity. A political example being. how many people voted for the current US PRESIDENT of the US Democratic Party? 0-60million+ people. This range indicates the Democrats society made up of people with similar political ideas. Dependent variableSociology- Is sociology only affiliated with the study of human interactive behaviour?Possible responses: Yes- sociology mainly deals with human interactions and behaviour is the key entity to human relations (Knapp, Hall amp. Horgan, 368). : No- Sociology is the study and classification of human societies. In this case, human societies can be formed without basically considering the interactive behaviour. Human societies can be formed from similar aspirations or goal for instance in politics. Theoretical support Symbolic interaction theory- the society is an ongoing process. People interact to form societies using various symbolic forms. Sociology mainly deals with the human interactive environment in which behaviour differences is the basic concept used to categories human societies. As the society is an ongoing process, so is the human interactive behaviour change thus making sociology the medium in analyzing human societies (Knapp, Hall amp. Horgan, 368). Sociology as a field of study mainly deals with the social, political and economic aspects in the society which is directly connected to human behaviour which is a product of human interactionWork CitedKnapp Mark, Hall Judith, Horgan Terrence. Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction: New York. Cengage Learning. 2013. Print