I don’t have a topic but want something in the line of IT telecommunication or netorking

takes place regularly and firms that are able to keep pace, have experienced enhanced performance, reduced costs, shorter lead times and better service delivery. It also revealed that along with technology, people have to be trained to use the technology. Integration of technology has to be aligned with the business objectives and information flow is paramount to the success of IT implementation. Uncertainties and risk cannot be avoided in technology but can be minimized with the right application and training of personnel. This study would have managerial impact on the use of IT in supply chain management. The study has limitations as some technology could have been overlooked. This study has added to the existing knowledge because under one umbrella the latest technology and its impact have been reviewed across different industries which employ supply chain management for their operations.
Information Technology (IT) is changing the world. it has become infused in life and it brings many challenges with it. Every aspect of management today requires information on which to build the organization. Nothing moves without information but mere information is not power. Information is no doubt the most vital asset that an organization possesses but the sheer volume of information that flows in an organization makes it essential for the managers to understand its importance. Strategic decisions are taken on the information and information changes by the minute. The right dissemination and application of information is power. The conversion of data from internal and external sources into information requires the use of information technology. It helps in enhancing the decision making process, enhances the operations, helps in overall growth of the company. It includes hardware, software, people, communication system, and the data itself. Information Technology can be used in any type of company be it manufacturing, retailing, or the service industry.
While IT can be