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Paper Review The paper is well organized and précised. It carries the main points of the topic and it is not too discursive. the writing has been focused on the key points on the topic. Both the in-text citation and the reference page have strictly followed the APA guidelines. The aspect of disparity has been well defined and discussed with relevant examples. The elements of disparities such as economical constraints and social segregation have been clearly discussed. The impacts of low birth weight have been based on the economic and social aspects, whereby the LBW may lead to depression and broken marriages. The writer has done an outstanding job in describing an organization that assists mothers in the baby care. It can be seen that the said organization, Egyptian Health Department, has been very effective in health education and promotion. However, this paper has a few shortcomings. It did not cover much of the preterm birth as per the instruction. it only concentrated on the low birth weight and overlooked the aspect of premature delivery. It would have been much interesting for the reader to learn about the impacts of preterm births. As much as the writer discussed the impacts of low birth weight. these impacts did not cover the baby and the health department. We are not told how the low birth weight would affect the baby itself and the expenditure by the health sector on the same. Furthermore, the impacts of low birth weight have not been discussed in deeper details. Generally, the paper is just a highlight of the topic of low birth weight and preterm birth. Nonetheless, it is well structured and very relevant to the topic.ReferenceCenter for Disease Control (2005). Preterm Births. NewYork, NY: CDC.