Identification and Critical Analysis of the Cultural Dimensions

It is evidently clear from the discussion that Solartron group has its presence in several nations of the world. However, Solartron Kenya was noted to possess some of the cultural complexities. The organization is identified to be facing stiff challenges in adapting the cultural dimensions of the nation. These differences in the cultural dimension of the nation from the perspective of Solartron group have to lead to the downfall of the efficiency and effectiveness in terms of conducting business operations. It also led to the formation of several internal issues within the organization. The management of the organization is also recognized to face challenges in the management of expatriation, as the managers or employees expatriated to Kenya have issues for various factors that include language and culture among others as practiced in the headquarter of the company i.e. located in Canada. This has simultaneously led to the failure of attaining the goal of the organization in the nation. Thus, it is very important from the perspective of the management of the organization to resolve the issues in order to ensure that business operations are performed on the basis of desired objectives. This would correspondingly lead to the increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization that would assist it to attain its long-term goals in the nation. According to Hofstede, five dimensions of culture are generally observed in an organization. These five dimensions include power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance index, and long-term orientation. These five dimensions are also equally applicable to the organization i.e. Solartron in Kenya.