If race is discredited as a biological scientific category how can we understand racism

Matters dealing with race have led to conflicting views among scholars. Whereby, some have discredited race as having any scientific links. An analysis of racism reveals that race takes different forms and there exist new kinds of racism.
New racism implies the design that individuals who practice racism found their arguments on the cultural and differential concept. Furthermore, this form of racism usually expresses the negative views of various individuals to seem like traditional racism. Consequently, this enables participants of the new racism to keep away from groundless negative views regarding marginalized ethnic factions. Romm asserts that, new racism is an encompassing type of racism that presents itself in the modelling of social way of life in less obvious ways compared to the old-fashioned racism (Romm, 2010). New racism takes the form of cultural and differential racism. Cultural racism refers to community beliefs and traditions that uphold the assumption that things to do with a certain culture, as well as the language of that culture are better compared to those from various cultures. On the other hand, differential racism is a form of new racism that has no races. This implies that, it views racial tensions with regard to incompatible cultural disparities, traditions, and lifestyle. Between the two types of new racism, cultural one stands out as being an ordinary determinative force. Reason being, it locks groups and persons into their cultural lineage. There are four key approaches aimed at describing new racism they include symbolic racism, ambivalent racism, blatant verses subtle racism, and aversive racism.
First, Aversive racism refers to a form of new racism that presents itself at a personal level. Consequently, this form of new racism is always presented in people who knowingly assert democratic values but unknowingly hold anti-minority feelings. For that reason, aversive racists knowingly sympathize