Impact of EProcurement Systems on UAE Government Services

The explosion of the Internet and growth in e-commerce has changed the services industry in the late twentieth century. This fact led to changes in an online transaction and Internet-based services. Driving by the competition for services sustainability, governmental institutions have developed and implemented the e-commerce strategy. Public sector organizations can achieve significant savings by managing their procurement and commercial activities in an effective way [7]. According to Lavigne [5], there are five kinds of skills for successful e-government: analytical, information management, technical and communication/presentation skills. There is In UAE, a steering committee of the UAE Federal Government was set up under a cabinet resolution to provide the road map of e-government and it is facilitated by the Ministry of Finance and Industry [15]. The e-government project is expected to improve the efficiency, accessibility, information flows and quality of interactions between the Federal Government, business and the people residing in UAE. This e-government project is undertaken and measured by its benchmarks while several projects, such as e-procurement project, can work in parallel. The experience of implementing similar projects has been incorporated from those in USA, Hong Kong, and the UK. This paper is organized as follows: evaluation of the good practices in developing e-procurement systems will be discussed in Section 2. To extend the experience, a suitable e-procurement system for the UAE government will be proposed in Section 3 where critical factors for the development of the system are discussed, and finally conclusions.