Impact of implementing CRM systems in establishing customer loyalty



The intention of this study is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as the efficient communication between customers and a company at every contact point. Whether this communication is done by phone, website or e-mail, the important thing is that the customer counts on getting an experience from doing business with the company. CRM systems are there to ensure a good customer experience. It is a vast system of information on a database of customers and their buying habits, e-mail address, residential address, personal information such as birthday and so on. This information is then retrievable by any department that needs it to better the company. Customer Relationship Management is a new innovation in customer service today. CRM helps the customer service staff and management to cope with customer issues and concerns. CRM entails gathering a great deal of data about the customer. The data is then used in facilitating customer service transactions by availing the information needed to resolve the concern or issue to those dealing with the customers. In the end there are more satisfied customers, more resources available to the support staff and a more profitable business. Top management can use CRM systems in making adjustments to one of the products sold or deciding whether one of the products on the shelves will be scrapped altogether. CRM systems generate reports that are also invaluable to the company’s marketing and advertising planners, as they will be able to identify which ideas work and which do not.