Impact of Legal Government and Business Structures D2

Impact Of Legal, Government And Business Structures How are legal issues and ethics related in IBC? Law is definedto be written and unwritten body of rules which are derived from custom and legal enactment which are recognized as binding among people who make a state or community. On the other hand, ethics are principles of conduct and behavior which cultures agree upon, no coercion is involved of one decides not to behave in accordance with the standards.The concepts of law and ethics overlap, all relationships subsists between law and ethics in that behaviors and issues that are considered unethical are not legal (Beckmann, 2000).2) What do you think would be difficult ethical issues for you to negotiate in intercultural (international) business settings?The most prominent problem facing international business code of ethics is the that standard for employment practices which exist between international business field, this is mostly experienced in the case where an unethical practice that might be banned in a developed country might then be perfectly legal in a different less developed country. Connectively, this would allow an international company to set up its own division in a less developed country to take the advantage of such legality to raise its profits which is unethical employment practice. Bribery is a difficult issue where some communities view it as part of their culture, and believe it’s not a big issue that may need to seek prosecution. others perceive it as an expected daily occurrence form f showing gratitude (Brownell, 1997).3) What are some ethical issues that might be encountered in multicultural business settings in the United States? Cultural diversity and competence practices which are divalent with different backgrounds and beliefs dictate how one behaves, health beliefs which are inherent to cultural beliefs where cultures have varying beliefs about health, treatment and disease. Different cultures have also had many methods of seeking healthy care. Another strong ethical issue which exists is the religious and cultural institutions (Beckmann, 2000).ReferencesBeckmann, C. and Dysart, D. (2000). The challenge of multicultural medical care.Contemporary OB GYN 45(120) 12-25.Brownell, P. (1997). The application of the culturagram in cross cultural practice withelder abuse victims.Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect,9(2), 19-33.