Impact of the Company’s Mission Vision and Primary Stakeholders on Its Overall Success

Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store and was defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad (Badenhausen, 2014). This mission statement has enabled the company to retain a competitive edge in personal computing, smartphones, and other technological gadgets. The iPhone, for instance, continues to be the most popular smartphone in the world today with their latest iPhone 6 already out. Forbes magazine projects the company could sell up to 70.9 million units of the new smartphone (Badenhausen, 2014). The company’s mission has also made Apple come up with the most innovative products and feature hence making it the most profitable company in the world with annual brand revenue of $170.9 Billion (”(Badenhausen, 2014).
Unlike other companies, however, Apple has no written vision statement. Instead, the company’s vision is manifested through its leadership like Steve Jobs and current C.E.O Tim Cook. These leaders coin philosophies that they then pass on to the departments like Research and development which then try to come up with product concepts that are consistent with these philosophies. For instance, in the year 1998, former chief executive Steve Jobs envisioned a paradigm shift in the conventional design of personal computers and led his team into a revolution that was to change the norm permanently by introducing the iMac computer. This has given the company an edge in innovation and creativity.
Some of the primary stakeholders of Apple include lenders, company employees, developers, and customers. These groups have also impacted the company in significant ways. For instance, the company enjoys an almost fanatical following from its customers. These customers have been the driving force behind apples astronomical sales figures over the years (Jones &amp.Hill 2011). The developers have helped contribute innovative product ideas which have enabled the company to produces cutting edge technological devices like the iPad. Overall, the company’s primary stakeholders have had a significant impact on Apple’s bottom line.