Imperial War Museum North in Manchester

In 2003, The Imperial War Museum North won the British Construction Industry Building Award, along with the title of being the Large Visitor Attraction of the Year at the 2006 Manchester Tourism Awards.
Reflecting and relating the conflicts which have shaped the 20th century and continuing to shape the future was the main idea behind this art piece, The Imperial War Museum North.&nbsp.The main concept of the project is of a globe torn into pieces and then re-joined on that site, more like an iconic depiction of the conflict. &nbsp.
The Imperial War Museum North originally had a construction budget of $60 million but was unable to secure funding. SDL redesigned to the new budget after SD and completed the building on time and budget.
3. The Water Shard, also the third main structural piece, is the platform for viewing the Canal with a restaurant, cafe, deck and giving space for performances. It is basically an area proposed for recreation and entertainment.
This specific and rare composition and the constellation of various structures, forms, functions and relationships, centers and complements the entire area in which the project is located – forming a center out of the disparate places around it. Bringing together in a new perspective for the pedestrians and people visiting the area are the. Lowry Centre, Manchester United Football Fields, the Manchester Ship Canal, and the transportation system. The IWMN can be observed from various perspectives and at the same time provides new views from within itself of the surrounding panorama – a panorama that becomes a story of the people of the northern region told within it. &nbsp.The museum space reflects new concepts of the exhibition, showing a concrete and visible form of how the personal histories of the people of the North are well-knit into the fabric of the ever-changing Twentieth-century surrounded by conflicts. IWMN’s uniqueness lies in the integration.