Implementation of a competency based framework on advanced clinical assessment skills for critical care outreach nurses

A comprehensive review of available literature on the subject of critical care competency was undertaken, with a view to extract relevant information concerning advanced skills which may be relevant in critical care nurses. The evolution of competency frameworks was examined, together with recent changes that have mandated the development of such frameworks.
The most relevant article that was useful from the FindArticles quest that searched the Journal of Critical Care was an article by Ruth Klienpell published in May 2005 on the results of a longitudinal study. The search of MEDLINE however, revealed several articles that were relevant from the point of view of this study and they are set out in Table 1, appended to this Literature review. Many of these articles were also available through PUBMED and MEDSCAPE and on this basis, this literature review will examine generally, the relevant articles in order to arrived at the framework for advanced assessment of critical competency skills.