Importance of Information Systems in Transforming Businesses Cloud Computing

The integration of information systems has helped developers to be able to understand the needs of organizations and people who create, process, filter and distribute data using hardware and software networks. According to (Dimitris 2010), cloud computing services have an ability to assemble wide networks because they are vital tools that manage software applications.
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also called Amazon EC2, is an example of a web service that helps cloud computing developers manage cloud computing with ease (Agmon 2014). The service helps one to configure cloud computing capacity with minimal difficulties. The service developed by Amazon helps developers easily set up cloud computing services that will benefit their needs and be in a position to manage it well (Buyya et al, 2011). Since the inception of cloud computing, users have known its benefits and this has been noted by an increase in usage. The Amazon EC2 is an effective application when the user modifies the application to suit their organization functions (Agmon 2014). The services provided by Amazon EC2 are inexpensive and easy to use and compete favorably in the market space (Chee 2010).
Information systems play a major role to facilitate cloud computing. The concept of cloud computing involves data and information not being stored at a static place, according to (Tarrant, 2014). This implies that the applications and software’s which are involved with cloud computing operate on the web these software’s have to be sophisticated, so that they can be accessed by users from different locations and still perform to their best.