Importance of Inspirational Leaders WellOrganised Human Resource Serves in a Company

Corporate culture is the ultimate power to greatness and only companies with a strong and cohesive culture succeed, such as Apple, Google, Hewlett – Packard (HP) among others. According to Alice Branch (2003), Corporate culture can be sliced and diced and be understood: the easier it is for culture to be signed, the healthier the culture and consequently, the stronger the company’s business performance. A good example of this principle is McDonald’s.
Corporate culture involves the main aims of an organization, the strategies that will be employed in meeting those aims and the way the stakeholders should behave while striving to achieve those aims. It takes the effort of the top management to maintain its culture. this is by interacting a lot and communicating effectively, especially to employees of what is expected of them (Auxillium West, 2008). Corporate behavior is affected by effective leadership. The culture can be either weak or strong. Weak is where the employees fail to identify with the values of the organization hence need to be pushed to carry out tasks from the organization’s point of view. While the converse is true for strong cultures as people tend to think as a group on the direction to be taken during decision making. Various methods have been employed in grouping cultural change. The David Francis innovation model insists that an appropriate culture must be adopted, developed and maintained over time. The culture of an organization must not only be supportive but also demanding. He further emphasized that for a culture to be right, the workforce must be given selective empowerment, high enrolment in the innovation and creativity process and deliberate encouragement for involvement in innovation.