Importance of Using Strong Passwords

Activity 2
Baidu versus Google
Baidu and Google share one major similarity in that they both incorporate advertisement in their search results. Google has Google Ads and Baidu has Baidu Ads. Both search engines provide most relevant results first based on input query.
Baidu and Google have major differences. Google provides many results than Baidu on the same search most of which may not be relevant. Baidu, on the other hand, provides fewer results which are more accurate and relevant. Baidu is more customized to address internet needs for Chinese population while Google tries to generalize its services to the global community.

I like Google since it provides more information which is useful in research. Baidu is good since it narrows its results to more relevant information particularly in Chinese hence more useful in a quick search. I dislike Google since it has more restrictions on copyrighted items. Baidu also fails to appeal since I have to request for translation every time I open a new search result page.

Microsoft seems to be the best in the product help screen. Microsoft provides easy to follow help topics which are easy to follow even for average persons. Problem troubleshooting downloadable software is of utmost beneficial. The program does automatic troubleshooting, repairs the installation problem and if it can’t do that it sends the problem to Microsoft site for technical review.

Activity 3
CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs
CDs, DVDs and Blue ray Discs are multipurpose information storage devices each having advantages and disadvantages. I like CDs since they are less risky in data storage. A CD is still readable even with slight scratches on the surface. Additionally, they can be played on all machines. I dislike them since they hold very little data.
DVDs are good since they are playable on most machines and hold more data than CDs. However, I dislike them since they are sensitive to surface mechanical damage. I like Blue ray Discs due to their massive storage space however, I dislike them since they require ultramodern machines to play them and also their high sensitivity to scratches. Damage to one Blue-ray disc means loss of a lot of data which is not admirable at all.