Improving analyse based on feedback for marketing

The company selected for this study is the Cullin Innovation Pvt Ltd which is a successful company engaged in the manufacture of mineral water. The company is based in Queensland, Australia. “Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd was formed to create, develop and commercialise new and innovative products that will enhance the potential for an ecologically sustainable future. Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd is driven by a strong environmental and social ethic.” (Company profile, 2009, para.2).
Involvement, partnership and deliberate alliances are main factors that support Cullin Innovation’s research and advancement and manufacturing plan capability. This construction facilitates a huge group of possessions and knowledge to be readily available across an extensive array of disciplines. This has helped create elasticity, reduce overheads and decreasing the response time to get together with the dynamic markets.
The development and prospects that Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd enjoys is a proven guarantee by the Managing Director Peter Cullin’s confidence and the insights for the development of the product and to make the business a success.
Marketing is a commercial activity that recognizes needs of the customer and requirements of the business. Thus, it needs to decide on the kind of target markets which are likely to serve the company’s avenue for selling its products. Advertising is the core of marketing and its purpose is to primarily introduce a product in the market and secondarily to create affinity about the product in the minds of the customers.
Marketing is a significant activity in the organization and the management conducts an analysis on various trends that prevail within the sector. Marketing of the product identifies the mission of the company and how the statement is formulated and how it can contribute for the success of the product. Marketing strategies also envisage future prospects of the company.
The Marketing activities support the mission,