Improving Documentation of Pressure Ulcers on Admission



This research will begin with the statement that every year it is estimated that about 1.3 million adults develop pressure ulcers. The figures vary across the different areas of clinical care. Incidence in hospitals is estimated to make up about .4% to .38% of all pressure ulcer incidences, while 2.2% – 23.9%&nbsp. of pressure ulcers occur in patients in long-term care facilities while 0 to 17% occur in patients in home health care settings. The monetary equivalent spent for treatment is approximated to be $21,675 for every patient. This costly problem can be potentially reduced according to authorities on pressure ulcer management. If these figures are to be reduced, specific preventive measures must be utilized by health care agencies.&nbsp. The incidence of pressure ulcers has increased by approximately 80% from 1993 to 2006 according to figures from the agency for Health Care Research and Quality. This figure includes the number of pressure ulcers that were acquired by the patient before admission and those that formed during the client’s stay in the hospital. This rise in pressure ulcer incidence rates is a cause for concern because pressure ulcers are considered a preventable condition. Patients who are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers are those who are bedridden or have restricted or limited mobility for long periods of time. Increase in the incidence of pressure ulcers among patients in the hospital not only result in increased cost for the client but for the hospital as well.