In any one of the first four book of the new testament in the bible How is Jesus characterized

In Matthew Jesus asks his hearers to outdo the Pharisees at righteousness, that is, at faithful obedience to Torah. In the sermon on the mountain (chapter 10), Matthew has Jesus radically sharpen meaning that he truly obeys the law of God (6:33). In doing so, Matthew insists that it is Jesus, not the Pharisees, who is an authoritative interpreter of the law.
Identification with wisdom is done in chapter 13. It is clearly demonstrated that there is connection between Jesus who preaches the Sermon on the Mount and the Wisdom that comes to be with those who are prepared to follow the way of righteousness, however, few there might be, “ Where two or three are gathered in my name I am there among them.” The characteristic of wisdom is also depicted in the use of multitudes of parables. and didn’t speak without a parable. It seems obvious from Jesus’ teaching that he is pacing himself. Usually, he seemed to try to avoid argument by posing propositions as riddles or in ambiguous wording so detractors will have a hard time pinning him down accusations (Kennedy 36). But at other times, he speaks directly, as is to confront his detractors, even by reading their negative thoughts and disclosing his power to do so (Matthew: 4).
Jesus is depicted as a skilled oral communicator. this skill is shown in the sermon on the mountain (Matthew 5-7). From the moment Jesus sat down and began to teach, the crowd fell silent, spellbound and fascinated by His words. As a skilled communicator, Jesus stated his theme early and clearly: “unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will automatically enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5: 20 NKJV). He illustrated his theme amply and superbly, peppering his sermon with common illustrations and examples with which every listener would immediately identify.
Jesus is characterized as being wise. In Matthew, he gives a story of the