In your opinion and according to your own personal definition of feminism how has feminism helped or hurt our society over the past thirty years

Has Feminism Helped or Hurt Society Over the Past Thirty Years? When some people hear the term feminism they often think immediately about female zealots in the 1960s burning bras and creating havoc. In actuality feminism is a social movement that has its roots in as early as the 20th century through writers such a Virginia Woolf. Since these early incarnations feminism adopted its own terminology and has experienced a number of waves. Although the impact of feminism has been largely debated, it seems to have undoubtedly changed the contemporary social landscape. This essay examines feminism and argues that over the last thirty years it has helped society by creating greater equality for women in the workplace, normalized their position in politics, and shifted general stereotypes.
One of the most impactful areas in which feminism has benefited society is in the workplace. While by 1980 women had greatly left behind the entirely male dominated culture of the 1950s, one recognizes that there was still great disparity between men and women. much of which still exists today in lesser forms. Today, however, individuals such as Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, have made staggering contributions to the employment world. Additionally, salaries for women have increased progressively. Ultimately these changes benefit society in that more of our best and brightest minds can find equal access to employment and thus make contributions to the greater good.
Another prominent area where feminism has contributed to society is in the political arena. Since 1980 there has been also an increase in the amount of women running and holding political office. While a woman still hasn’t been elected President or become Vice President of the United States it seems that feminism has greatly paved the way for this in the near future. One considers that the last Presidential election featured Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate. Additionally, for a period during the primaries Hillary Clinton was a front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Although it’s clear the country still has a ways to go before females gain complete equality in this arena, it seems that feminism has made significant contributions over the last thirty years.
In addition to employment and politics, feminism has also been successful in changing stereotypes surrounding women. Women have received a large amount of criticism for being overly emotional and not implementing logic or rationality to the same extent as men. Such stereotypes have been used to oppress them in the workplace and political spectrum, while many stereotypes still exist feminism has contributed to the gradual dispelling of these misconceptions.
In conclusion, this essay has examined whether feminism has helped or hurt society over the last thirty years. The essay argues that feminism has undoubtedly helped society during this period, through contributions in the workforce, politics, and in dispelling stereotypes. While feminism has clearly made contributions to society in progressing women’s rights, it would be shortsighted to think women have achieved complete social equality. Ultimately, it will be through feminism and similar movements that we achieve a more equitable society.