Increased Unemployment in the USA

It is worthwhile to mention that most of the emerging economies are dependent (in terms of exports) over advance economies. therefore, low consumption and negative growth in such developed nations also adversely affect the Gross Domestic Growth (or Purchasing Power Parity) rates in these developing nations. It must also be pinpointed that investors, organisations and institutions in developed nations made mammoth investments in USA so debacle of US economy also sabotaged the financial position of investors from other developed nations, which in turn affected the economic growth rates of emerging countries like China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, Pakistan, and others. The above nations recorded GDP growth rates between 4 – 12% prior to the recession. (UNESC 2009)
This paper, however, will throw light over the recent debate on ‘green revolution’ or ‘green economic recovery’ that is aimed to avert severe economic crises of 2008 in the future and to ensure sustainable development. This new concept has now become the subject of authentic international financial institutions, Think Tanks, United Nations, Group of top Twenty Nations (G-20) and Governments that want to create more employment opportunities / jobs and to observe economic development without intensifying any environmental threats such as Global warming, carbon issues, acid rains, depletion of natural resources etc. The paper will critically analyze, in the light of relevant literature, whether or not these green industries and jobs can be seen as a solution to today’s global crises.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.