InDepth Audience Analysis

Alexandria is situated in the suburbs of the capital city of the country. it is in a very strategic place to receive the best concentration of goods band other quality services that will grow the economy in the community of Virginia. The stakeholders and the persons abiding in the society of Virginia are one of the highest profile ranked employees of the national government. Therefore the town will grow and have a high income due to the value of goods and other high income drawers in the society (Howell, 2011). Therefore the infrastructure in the area is excellent because it is very strategic from the Washington DC the capital of the United States of America. The state’s major favors are also targeted to the society such as the major governmental offices are situated in the area of Alexandria. The government offices are like the Trademark office that was transferred to Alexandria. This shows that Alexandria from the views of stakeholders and audience should be of appraisal to the federal government over the major favors to the community. Question Two – Analysis of the Community Stakeholders and Audience The demographics of Alexandria in the Northern Virginia represent it to be not a very populated society due to the standards of living of the inhabitants of the persons living in that community. The persons who abide in the society of Alexandria are highly ranked persons in the government of the USA and the most inhabitants are personnel from the defense department including the naval center for analysis. The geographical position of the Alexandria society is very strategic in such a manner that it can receive major governmental offices by the government of the United States of America. The short distance the society of Alexandria is from the capital city of the country gives it more advantage to get more favors from the federal government. This gives the society the high economic value according to the good business position of the society (Howell, 2011). Therefore the society of Alexandria is a very strategic state in terms of economy due to the nearness to the business center of the country of America. The lifestyles that are exhibited by the residents of Alexandria are much higher of admirable opportunities by the other persons in all other societies around the country (Smith, 2009). This is because the society is endowed with high rank restaurants and products that are of high caliber persons in the society. This will make the attitudes of the inhabitants of the Alexandria society and their lifestyle that is very high. This is facilitated by the nearness of the society to the capital of the country USA where the state gets a variety of favors from the federal government of the United States of America. On the social scene of the society of Alexandria that is in the Northern Virginia the persons who live in this area must have very improved social standards due to the improved social gathering areas that are endowed by the society of Alexandria. It is a tourist attraction area and has very improved restaurants. The usergraphics of the Alexandria society are of major importance so as to define the regions of domain of the society that is to be occupied by the inhabitants of the society (Smith, 2009). The webographics are incorporated in the communication and the technological position of t