Inequality for All

Sociology: Inequality for All Introduction Since the 1970s the United s of America has been noticing a rapid increase in economic inequality. The rich people are always getting richer while the poor of middle class are continuing to drown in dept and live a life that is not desirable. Robert Reich shows this factor clearly in the documentary directed by Jacob Kornbluth. One of the reasons as to why the economic inequality is widening as from the documentary is the fact that the government of the United States of America is focusing on making the economy grow instead of distributing it. Robert Reich at a point states that the economy of the United States doubled and yet people in the middle class did not see any changes in their income yet the one percent god a rapid increase in their income (Kornbluth, et al.,2014). The other cause to this inequality as cited by Robert is the fact that the government focuses more on deducting the taxes for people who are earning a lot of money yet they increase the taxation for individuals with low income.
Economic inequality in the United States affects the middle class and the general economy of the state. Before economic inequality is said to have affected the whole economy then the results of its presence can be noted by its impact on the middle class citizens. Crime and early pregnancies are normally as a result of the inequalities in the society. For example, once an individual lives in a family that is unable to sustain themselves then they are forced to look for other means of survival such as resulting into crime or prostitution. Such cases are normally witnessed in the lives of people who are in the middle and low class (Kornbluth, et al., 2014).
Economic inequality also hurts the economy of a whole country. The distribution of income is very vital while discussing this point. For example, if all the income the U.S generates is distributed to the rich people then people in the middle class will be demoralized. It is keen to note that most of the income depends on the work being done by people in the middle class and once their demands are not met well they resign to look for better jobs or become demotivated hence the economy of the whole country is jeopardized (Kornbluth, et al., 2014).
Robert while stating that the widening social inequality would affect democracy means that, once income flows to the rich and also people majorly in power then the laws can be manipulated to favor them. For example, if a person files a case over another person who is much wealthier than them then there is a possibility of losing their case not because they were filling something falls but because they lack the resources that would help them give accurate information like for instance a good lawyer.
It is unnecessary for the United States to struggle to achieve equality in the economy. First and foremost it is a very big task to have this accomplished as most of the people who would help stabilizing the economy are the rich who are just getting themselves richer. The biggest disadvantage in getting the economy equalized is that then people will tend to be lazy and less innovative which in turn affects the whole country in general.
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