Influence of Nature in Terms of Explaining How We Become Who We Are

There is still not clear evidence research of which between the two factors nature and nurture contribute more to the personality of a person. Therefore the main debate has been between which of the two factors the genetic makeup of a person or the growth environment greatly contributed to there overall development at the end determines their personality.
Our nature is defined by the genetic makeup of a person. This described the innate qualities that we have in our bodies which represent the natural factors of growth which we tend to inherit from our parents. Since the early 19th-century scientist Charles Darwin theory of evolution estimated that all human behaviors were instinctive, there have been many debates that have been trying to explore the postulation. Since there this postulation by Darwin has not remained a dominant view but there is still thinking with us that there are some factors that we see that are clearly inherited from the parent. For example, there has been a lot of issues about the born criminals which means that there are some people who are both with criminal elements insides them and which shows a pattern of being inherited from the pastures. It looks like it is factual that our ancestral history somehow us to form certain species in the animal kingdom. In places where there are various situations, natural selection, and heredity, there has to be a form of evolution. Under this postulation, the unique gene combination which is composed in the mother’s egg and which is later completed by the father’s sperm helps us to become the distinct individuals that were. This means that the gene helps us to form our humanity and is responsible for the individual differences that we find in this world.&nbsp.