Information of marketingreport

The competitive environment scenario of the company would reveal various marketing strategies incorporated by Bonmarche. In this study importance of primary and secondary data collection measures would also be outlined. Primary data collection techniques are usually incorporated in order to determine customer feedback regarding product or service offerings. These primary sources are beneficial for marketing executives since it enables them to formulate appropriate marketing strategies. On the other hand, current market data can only be collected through this mechanism. Primary resources are explored by marketing executives so as to analyze current market trends and fluctuations. There are wide array of primary resources and each of them are suitable for a particular business scenario. This study would reflect upon which of the primary data collection measures is most appropriate for Bonmarche. It will even focus on secondary data collection techniques and its importance in real world companies. Bonmarche’s market evaluation shall be performed on basis of wide array of secondary resources. There would be supporting arguments included in the study for discussing primary research methods available for the firm. Marketing management can be considered as central component of the study. It shall even comprise of key requirements related to marketing executive’s role and application of appropriate data collection measures.
Marketing executive is solely responsible for performing wide set of functions. They are the ones who direct company’s marketing of services or products. Marketing executives are well aware about product line of a firm, potential market, historical market, budgeting issues, media response and media costs. These key personnel have to deal with different marketing tools such as radio, magazines, television, promotional events, mail campaigns, etc. Advertising media can be stated as the key focus area for marketing executives.