Information Security Strategy of IT Department at Eazee Shopping

The company works under supervision and guidance of Mr Sundeep Singh who is the CEO and controls entire strategic planning, corporate policy formulation amp. implementation and business control process. The supermarket chain aims to simplify its business selling process by offering all products through an online information management system. The company recorded revenues to be nearly 20 million in 2006 and aimed to increase its existing revenues to 3 times by introducing new order tracking and sales automated system. Indeed, this would enable the company to increase its existing target market as well as help increase revenue streams. For instance, the supermarket could also improve its value creation and value propositions offered to potential customers in the market. For instance, Eazee Shopping is also interested in using decision and executive support systems because they could provide pertinent information to top and middle-level managers. As a result, the induction of above-mentioned systems would reduce workload, facilitate business decision – making and problem – solving, and enhance productivity, effectiveness and overall organisational performance.It is worthwhile to mention that information is considered an extremely valuable business asset across Eazee Shopping, which is usually created from sales and financial data. Indeed, the managers obtained information in the form of statistics regarding most sold products, most demanded products in different packages, changes and fluctuations in prices, profitability etc. This information is used not only to analyse the growth rate of Eazee Shopping Company but also to determine the effectiveness of the currently implemented product development, market development and diversification strategies and business policies. Also, the market research and sales information identify any underlying problems in advance, thereby enabling strategic planners to take corrective measures.