Information Systems in Healthcare

This system helps in the constant connections between the suppliers and the manufacturers for better systematic process of the supplying and buying (Delpierre 408).
This industry also includes the health care industry. In this case the basic requirement is the maintenance of the records of the thousands of the patients. In the past, decades ago, this maintenance was being done by the files and the traditional systems. The data of the patients includes their vitals ad their medical histories. This type of data needs constant up gradation. Traditionally for the up gradation, the hustle of the files and the papers had to be dealt with.
With the introduction of the new information floe systems, which in the case of the health industry is knows as the electronic patient record, we see that the patient record maintenance has become ore and more convenient with the passing time. The electronic patient record means that the data and the information related to the patients is kept in the computers under the specific softwares which are comprehensive and easy enough o be maintained by the health practitioners.
The electronic patient’s record systems have been basically developed for the batter management and the administration that is needed in the health care facilities. These days the EPRs are being widely used in the western counties. The use of the EPRs is growing in the smaller clinical facilities however it has been seen that the EPRs have been difficult to incorporate in the larger health care facilities. The EPRs that are designed incorporate the small amount of information that is given to them. As we can see that the industries especially the health care facilities are the linked that are growing on the daily basis therefore the amount if the information that is needed to be stored is also increasing on the daily basis. With the amount the nature of the complexity o f the information is also increasing. This complexity has to be welcomed by the EPR systems that are used by the health care facilities these days (Elberg 203).
The information flow in medicine
The research has shown that the smaller health care facilities especially in Norway are dependent in the EPR systems for the maintenance of their patient’s data and the information.
The use of EPRs
The purpose and the aim of the patient’s medical record that is usually maintained by the health care facilities are to maintain the care of the patients. Generally y the medical record is always on related to an individual patient and it represents s the medical history of the patients and the recent medical case (Hassey 1402).
There are some specifications that have to be met when the clinical data related to the patients has to be used. The specifications have been identified and they include that the medical data should be should be related to the individual patient and it should be able to help the medical health care provide to decide what treatment or therapy has to be g given to the patient.
The medical data that is related to the patients is organized in the same form as it is done in the paper format however in a better manner. This helps the medical practitioner make and design the patients’ clinical history leading to the therapy decisions. The EPR help the physicians in constantly updating their gained information with regards to the patients during the consultation process