Strategic human resource developmentStudent’s nameUniversity affiliationDateArticulation of the current practice problem Human resource development includes the training of employees and providing employees with the opportunities of learning new knowledge and skills. Human resource development helps in improving the employees, the work process, and the performance of the organization. Additionally, human resource development is essential for performance improvement and employee training and development (Mello, 2011).Therefore, this helps in improving the expertise of the work team, employees, and the organization in general. Basically, human resource development is essential since it helps employees in adjusting to the internal and external business environment changes. The business environment is changing. This is due to technological advancement which has provided businesses with new opportunities and threats. Technology has driven organizational change. Therefore, human resource development has to come up with a training design process every time there is a technological advancement. Therefore, this research will analyze how technological advancement affects human resource development. Literature reviewTraining has an effect on the performance of the employees. The technological advancement starts with the importance of human resource development practice. However, human resource development has been defined differently over time. According to Hardy, Palmer, & Phillips, (2000), discourse as a strategic resource produces concepts such as categories, relationships, and theories.  Therefore, the definition of human resource development to them is based on discourse. Other studies have concluded that training is costly. However, effective training can help an organization in saving money that could be used on inefficient training. As stated by Mello, (2013), training has acquired a strategic value for organizations.Proposed research methodologyThe research method to be used is the interpretive method which will solemnly focus on disclosing the practices of human subjects. It will help in designing the training need assessment for employees, design an after evaluation form which will be able to show the level of employee satisfaction, and also interview the human resource manager on the training and development function. These factors will help in developing an observable outcome. The interpretative method will also help in the connection of the topic under study. Practice contribution This research project will help in providing the importance of human resource training and development on organizational development. Therefore, it will provide a comparison between the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and its employees before and after the training. It will also provide the human resource development models, and also provide the best methods of applying the training. Impact on God’s World Technology advancement has an impact on God’s World in many ways. Technology can be used in the communication of Christian’s beliefs. Their views can also be propagated through the use of global technologies. Therefore, training is essential for use of technology.  References Hardy, C., Palmer, I., & Phillips, N. (2000). Discourse as a strategic resource.Human relations,53(9), 1227-1248.Mello, J. (2013).Strategic Human Resource Management. Florence, KY: Cengage.Mello, J. A. (2011).Strategic management of human resources. South-western cengage learning.