and task. good organizational skills. ability to communicate tasks and expected results effectively. ability to negotiate various administrative and regulatory processes. good delegation skills.
I will to develop some skills that will ensure that I have brought superior performance in any line of duty that I am given. This will assure my competence in all aspect. The first one is to develop my management and leadership skills. this will ensure that I set priorities, delegate, motivate and develop my subordinate, and coach them to become top performers as well as communicate objectives and goals. It will be also essential that I develop proper and effective communication skills. this will always make me to get my point across, enhance that I have a compelling presentation to support my goals. it will also ensure that I inspire others to achieve better results and demonstrate emotional intelligence. The other skill that will develop is collaboration skills, this will guarantee that I value and celebrate differences, I build rapport, I am capable of forming alliances and negotiating effectively. Critical thinking will be very useful. anything that involves innovation will require a critical thinking and logic skills. This will ensure that I solve a problem logically, research options, avoid biases and focus on meaningful date to draw the right the right conclusion.
The skill assessment exercise is very useful as it makes made me acquire the skills that are beyond the skill one learns in college, university or any formal learning institution. The skill assessment exercise enabled me to gain better understanding of my strengths and weakness. I was also able to be really excited about my joy and the tasks related to the job description this made me to very motivate from all aspects in relation to challenges and benefits. It is through the exercise that examined my values and interests. I determined how my talents and skills can be best used to make use of my role in