Institutional Affiliation

Moreover, the strategies will include but not limited to the following: soliciting funds from the city-county which will be used to build new toilets. As well, the money will be used to improve the already EXISTING toilets. In the requisition, I will make it to the budgetary committee to be providing some amount in each financial year of doing maintaining such structures within our corporation. Obviously, this is a crucial consideration for the need of sanitation, that is, water and toilets are ranked top of any organization plan. As our local government is facing a challenge in providing housing to the employees under my efforts, I will try to come up with more houses to the golf managers. This denies the corporation the opportunity to get revenue. Therefore, they will be relocated and those who will be determined to stay back will be obliged to pay rent. This will be another source of revenue. Similarly, in the same course, better employment and training strategies will be developed. The plans will include the following strategies. Firstly, training will be taken as an investment. The implementation of the training activities would be costly, but it is necessary for increased productivity. The training will be targeting the needs of our employees and the needs of our corporation. In this particular strategy, the effort will be put in identifying specific skills that an employee requires to improve the performance within the scheduled time. Hence, the company will invest n this in order to get the optimal payback. The organization will establish and promote a learning culture. In these dockets, employees will get to improve their skills and needs. Hence, this will make them feel that they are part of the organization hence uplift the competitive nature of the corporation. Include management. Managers and company leaders will be brought on board with the new training initiative and explaining to them why it is necessary.