Institutional Affiliation

Advertisement Script al Affiliation Part Creative Strategy ment Coca cola is the global leader in the beverage industry. The objective of the advertising will be to ensure that the product is consumed at all times, regardless of the occasion. The target audience for the commercial will be youth, who often engage in vigorous activities. The benefit to the target audience is that coke will give them the energy required to carry on with their vigorous activities. Because of the high amount of sugar in the drink, it is bound to give one a synthetic boost. Television will be selected as the media of choice, to be able to reach the largest share of the consumer market.
Part 2: Script

The camera is on mean Greg, walking slowly from the field to the locker room.
The words “Mean Greg” have been put on top of the picture. He is alone, that means that the game is still on, but he can be part of it since he is injured.
Cut to boy: (a boy of about the age of 10 years) standing on the walkway with a coke in his hand, as mean Greg passes.
Cute to Greg: scowling
Cut to boy
Cut to Greg.
Cut to boy.
Cute to Greg. Grimacing.
Cut to boy, offering bottle.
Cut to Greg, he takes the bottle and chugs it down in a greedy manner.
Cut to boy, as he is reluctant, waiting for a token of appreciation.
The boy turns to leave, though he hesitates.
Cut to Greg, who is suddenly excited and animated.
Greg takes his T-Shirt and throws it to the kid.
Cut to boy, smiling hard as he grabs the shirt.
Words on the screen: “A coke = a smile= life. Get yours now!”
Boy: Mr Greg! Mr Greg!
Greg: Yes?
Boy: Do you need any assistance?
Greg: Yeah I do.
Boy: Among all the plays, I think you are the best.
Greg: mmmmh, sure.
Boy: You can have my Coke, I don’t mind.
Greg: thanks
Words are heard: a coke makes me relaxed, makes me smile, and makes me happy.
Boy: bye Greg
Greg: Hey
Greg: Catch
Boy: Gosh! thanks Greg
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