Insurance Claim Follow Up

The follow-up process of insurance claims is essential, especially when such claims are unpaid. It is important to follow up unpaid insurance claims in order to ensure that relevant authorizations are made and that the underlying payment will actually be made. Without follow-ups, claims that are not authorized are hard to detect (Padfield, 2012). This may lead to clinics or hospitals realizing deteriorating financial well-being.
Following up insurance claims especially those that are not paid confirms whether or not claim records are available to the insurer. This facilitates timely reimbursements by ensuring that claims are correctly and timely filed. Finally, the follow-up informs the claiming party of the claims that have been approved, those that have been denied, and those that are likely to be underpaid. In so doing, mistakes related to insurance claims are easy to detect and correct. Therefore, insurance follow-up ensures that the insured-insurer dealings do not jeopardize the normal operations and performance of organizations.