Integrated Marketing Communication

The activities and all activities moving in one single direction i.e. the goal or the objective of the organization on the whole or as a single marketing unit as the case may be. This concept has gained significant importance particularly since the time when media started to grow, and from a newspaper to radios and from radios to a single state-owned television channel and thereon the multiple growth of the various media and media houses. this trend has led organizations into adopting various channels for their advertisements, so it became very important for these channels to have a synergized message i.e. consistency in the message and in the form that the message is being conveyed. Today, television advertisements are the fundamental set of acts, from which, media houses derive newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, and so on. And all this is done to convey to the customer one single message i.e. the product being developed and sold is a useful one for them, but competition does not allow this. it attempts at retaining the customer base.
The sole terminology that keeps an organization or a business alive in today’s competitive arena is ‘innovation’. More often than not, today, innovation is derived by the customer expectations and values that the customer associated with the planners and strategic think-tanks that formulate a new product launch. Innovation has really been the path-way and concluding a product that the customers expect and want has been the key to this pathway. There are many ways and means by which firms analyze and realize the products that the customers expect from them. Once these are developed and created, the uphill task comes in creating awareness about the product, thereby making the customers aware of the fact.&nbsp.When initiating a plan, it is critical for an organization to identify the goals and objectives that are meant to be achieved by means of that particular campaign. Subsequently, the criticality associated with objectives or goals enhances.