Integrity Approach in Business

owed and practiced, expectations that exist when the task is being carried out, and outcomes that the actions will bring (Martin, Vaught, Solomon, 2010).
In the field of ethics is about the honesty that you practice. If we consider the concept if integrity in the domain of business world. Integrity would mean being truthful and being honest. When a person is trading an object, it is his integrity that he will disclose, the benefits and as well as the flaws that exist in the product instead of marketing the positive sides of the products only. Integrity is the opposite concept of hypocrisy. It is about a person being ethical and remaining constant with the actions that are ethical and that are expected of him. It is true that a person will lose the confidence that others have in him if he lies or double crosses, similarly in case of businesses, to maintain integrity it is important that business should always deliver the promise that they are making to the customers, it is also necessary that the business follows all the rules and laws that are laid down by the government. There are repercussions if they are not followed and this usually costs the business more than the cost that the company had to pay to deliver the promise that they have actually made. It is also necessary that the business should only make claims that are deliverable for them (Ciulla, Martin, Solomon, 2007).
Today with increased globalization the roles of corporations has changed drastically, today the companies are the ones that are many times majorly dictating the terms and the rules of the trade and the economies of the place. The role of governments as reduced dramatically and drastically as increased globalization has caused the world to become quite enmeshed in each other and therefore, the rules are set by organizations as international trade also increased dramatically. Corporate governance is one method through which the organizations are able to know how they should behave with each