Intellectual Growth to Stay ahead of the Competition

Thanks to the short turn completion time, I can get my degree in 18 months instead of longer, I will be able to fast track my higher education while never skipping a beat at the office. Having worked for Anheuser – Busch in the past on their contemporary marketing team, then as a product merchandiser, before moving on to working for the state lottery as a sales representative, I am quite familiar with the need to perfectly balance my work, education, and personal time. Since the MSPA program will concentrate mostly on weekend classes and some weekend seminars, I am definite that the course load will never become too much for me to handle.When I decided to pursue a masters degree in Public Affairs, I told myself that the one thing I would not do is sit down to write a personal statement that would misrepresent myself. I am not going to do that because misrepresenting myself will not be beneficial to me should I be accepted into the program because I would have set myself up to fail due to the unreasonably high image that I would have created for myself just to get into the program. Instead, I am coming to you to present myself as a simple person, hoping to be awarded a slot in the MSPA program of your much admired academic institution.I began my career far away from the current field that I am working in as a State Lottery employee. During my younger days, I prided myself in being one of the most sought after DJs in the state. I made my money that way.